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  • All The artwork and process pictures on the website blog are Copyrighted , incase you use them PLEASE give credit to either or my instagram handle @trashedwords 

  • The Ideas and concept prompts are included in the Copyrighted works . 

  • For the shop related queries you can mail/message me from the contact page , or use the website chat option , we will try to get back to you as soon as possible .

  • For collaboration you can mail/message me through the contact page or DM me on instagram @trashedwords .

  • Incase of a query related to a particular post , you can comment on the post and i will try to answer it as soon as possible . 

  • There is no return policy , but refunds will be given if you do not receive your order , refund will be in accordance with the payment gateway options available (5-7 days ).


When will the shop open ?

The shop will open as soon as the payment gateway company approves my KYC

Do you do commissions ?

Yes ! i would love to do commissioned work for you . You can drop in a request on the contact page or DM me on instagram @trashedwords . Same goes for collaboration requests .

What if i want to buy the original artwork of the prints ?

If you want to buy any of my original pieces , i keep on updating my work for sale at the SaatchiArt website  you can buy the original piece from there . Incase the artwork you want is not listed there you can drop me a message through the contact page .

Why does shipping take approximately two weeks ?

For economic reasons and to avoid wastage we send in the postcards to print once we receive an order from you , shipping can depend on how soon our third party can give us the prints . ( Also due to the pandemic shipping in general has been slow or delayed by the courier companies )

Why does the prices differ from print to print when the size and quantity is the same ? 

The price of the particular print set depends on how much work went into creating the original artwork , As all the work is done by hand before scanning and digitalising it for printing . A set usually has four assorted postcards , if there are repetitive patterns the cost will be less , but if each of the four postcards have a different design or artwork it will cost more .

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