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Somewhere over the rainbow ?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

So my relationship with oil paints has always been weird , acrylics are my forte specially with a chisel / painting knife , I’m even comfortable with watercolours as I’m confident with my strokes . but oh dear lord oil paints and I’ve always had a love hate relationship and that’s only because I’m impatient af and they take toooo lonnnggg to dry between layers and different colours have different drying times so well needless to say it was difficult but finally after ome and a half month of my balcony stinking with turpentine oil i am finally done !

I have no clue why I picked this colour palette it was on a whim but the colour palette messed up with my head the most specially the sky IT WAS SO HARD TO TRANSITION GREEN TO ORANGE OR VICE VERSA BECAUSE IT ALWAYS TURNED BROWN !!! so I painted the orange let it dry then painted the green and before it dries complete I dry brushed it ( I think that’s what you call that technique idk ) yeah and then I waited again for that layer to dry completely before I reapplied orange waited for it to dry and then dry brushed the orange into the green the Process was pretty repeatative But that Was the only way I could think of to stop it from turning brown again and again .

so basically yeah here are the process pictures and the complete painting.

Its on 12”x16” stretched canvas board .

looking at the photographs right now IT STILL LOOKS BROWN I think i just might cry lol . but it looks better in real life though .

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