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Rococo Streetwear , A prompt

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

I think the Rococo art period heavily influence my idea of beauty and aesthetic .

If I were to a create a perfect art movement for the “new roaring 20’s “ aside from the oomph of the 20’s Art Deco another art movement that gives me chills is definitely the Rococo movement , I think while Art Deco was glamorous it lacked the pastel glowy vagueness to it that Rococo so fluidly carried .

As it is the voice of people or we’d like it to be , the word fashion associates with is an eliteness that sometimes even the rich cannot afford for it is not easy to carry a certain aesthetic ,thus streetwear .

-(Excripts from the fashion and aesthetic journal I’m too lazy to write ).

I know its different from what i usually design , my focus is more on couture than commercial stuff . i made this prompt concept for a competition and i waited for the results to come out before posting this (obviously i didn't win lol ).

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