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Remember Queen Of Aces ?

Short recap : so queen of aces is an OG character which i've been working on for quite some time now , ( you can find some QOA merch on the shop section ) it started with an ink drawing which turned into an anime character ( there is a post about that too ) and i feel it will always keep evolving .

One thing i want to make clear about QOA is :

who is QOA ?

it's more like a what , so basically if you've been on here for a while or know how i work you must've realised that i work on concept bases , not of my artwork is a single piece there always something before or after that , and that's because i like to rework on things i've already done before sometimes .

So QOA (for me ) is someone i admire , someone i wish to be , someone i look up to and something i wish to become . We all know that all heroes fall well because that is how life is , so when my heroes fell and i realised that we all are simply human i decided to make a new "hero" for myself something i look upto , and this hero is as human i want it to be and as perfect as i need it to be .So basically QOA is a personification or materialisation of the future aspirations you have for yourself in a form of a character . It can have any attributes that you want it to and any gender or physical features they are all up to you , as i said It is a concept , something to give you hope ( through fantasy ) when you lose it in reality .For me QOA is someone fierce yet gentle , mysterious but kind Determined but not overly ambitious . It is all the things i want to become as a person .

And it can be anything for You .

( the reason why its Queen and not king is not because of the gendre ( because concepts dont have genders ) but because of the "YASSS QUEEN" energy ? ya geddit ? i mean no one says yasss king ? do they ? idk maybe they do ).

so the whole point of this post is , i made a digital a more dressed down version of QOA and here it is :

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