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Prepping the journal

I’ve finally decided to stop torturing my current journal and start with a new one ( the spine must be thanking me ) it was getting impossible to close it and it was hard to carry around ( which completely defeats the purpose ) so as I was preparing my new journal I took some pictures to Record the process . I like to carry my journal everywhere I go like literally (people acquainted with me know I carry a big handbag wherever I go and it has all sorts of things , it’s like a bottomless pit ) because of this whenever I start a new journal i sort of ”prep” it so that it can be taken on the go . You can’t really carry all your stationery everywhere you go so you have to be a little smart about it .

first here Is the journal I’m using this time ( a lot of time I bind my own journals , my last two journals were hand bound , it gives me the freedom to add different kind of papers and stuff ) .

journals With handmade paper are the best , and You don’t have to buy expensive ones . inside tip : if you live in India next time you go to the hills stop at a souvenir shop and ask them for handmade journals no matter how small the shop is in fact not just on the hills any tourist souvenir shop in India actually , ask them for handmade paper diaries they are usually kept together with calendars and stuff its easy to spot them and they are super cheap ( like 250-300 max ) ! And the quality is so good because they are handcrafted by the artisans . you might have to dig a little to find the one you like ( I like the ones with a plain front so I have to look wayyyy at the back because the ones they keep in the front usually has some elephant Buddha or tree of life motif ) and to think of it you are supporting your local artisans so that’s that .

Because this journal only has one kind of paper the First thing I do is cut different kind of origami paper , watercolour sheets , kraft sheets ( basically any kind of paper you like ) to the size of the journal . and then after random intervals I stick the paper as a journal page with transparent tape . pictures to explain it better

Next what I like to do is add a small pocket in the front cover and the end of the book ( very first left page , and the very last right page on the cover ) , in the front I usually stick a cute envelope this envelope can hold anything paper clips , stickers , visiting cards , card stock a-z . then at the end of the journal I like to add a bigger pocket , this pocket can hold bigger things like museum maps , brochures ,tickets , sticker sheets , more decorative paper etc .

Now your journal is travel friendly all you have to do is carry is a pen ! I usually carry two coloured pens , post it’s and a pencil in my bag at all times but then I also carry 10000 bandages so yeah , don’t follow me . another inside tip : start collecting small titbits when you’re out with your friends or doing anything outside like a leaf ? , a coffee bill , movie tickets , visiting card ,brochure you found interesting , even wrappers sometime , all these things can be kept in the pockets of the journal and can later be used in the journal for texture . I have a habit of asking for visiting cards wherever I go . Also I like to steal stickers from bars . And tissue papers specially the ones which have the monogram or logo of the place you’re eating /drinking at , basically any keepsake which can be kept easily kept in between the journal .

happy journalling !

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