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My hoarder self cannot let go of stuff .

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Soooo , you know that pair of denim pants that you can NEVER let go , the kind that your mom begs you to donate or discard but you can never even fathom to part with it ?

This is the upcycling story of those pants . When i was 12 i bought my very first acid wash ripped denims and luckily even 10 years later i was glad that they still fit me , my mom not so much . The only problem was that all the rips were torn so much that they were barely hanging by a single thread and the waist band started giving away too . but being the emotional hoarder i am , i am still not ready to part with it . so i decided to collect all the scraps from my previous garment projects and give these denims a lovely Ronna makeover so that i can wear them for many more years to come and probably pass down it to my successors lol .( yes i have big dreams ) .

so this is what finally happed to the jeans , i don't have before pictures because i'm dumb and forgetful and the pictures i do have of me wearing them are before puberty so yeah i'm not showing you pre puberty Ron because honestly she was scary .

But you can enjoy how these pants look like now .

everything is hand done , my machine was not here yet i basically used a purple embroidery thread to stitch everything up so that even if the messy stitches show its still aesthetically pleasing .

You know my motto " even trash should look glam before you discard it " not that i'm going to discard these pants anytime soon because i feel i'm even more in love with them now .

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