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Get Thrifty !

Being a designer i am perfectly aware of the fact that the fashion industry is one of the world's major polluters . And as much as it breaks my heart , the broken pieces of my heart still weeps tears of gold for fashion .

Lucky there is still a lot we can do about it , sustainability concepts in the industry is on the rise and there is much awareness about how the industry needs to keep a check on the carbon footprint . But what can we do as consumers ? not everyone has the crafty skills or time to up-cycle , how can the modern shopper make a conscious decision ? Well thrift stores are here for our rescue ! What is thrifting you ask me ?

Thrifting is the art of accepting and adorning yourself with preloved clothing and if you're lucky enough and well informed you can often find some real vintage gems .

Specially at the time of the pandemic Thrifting seems very economical and online thrift stores are our new best friend .

Here i'd like to introduce you to one of my all time favourite thrift store called THE FINE FINDS , and true to their name the collection they have is hella fine ! The store is run by the 22 year old Aparna Balasubramanian who being a designer herself is playing her part in loving and growing the industry in a more sustainable way . The store is on Instagram and you can place the orders through DM . The drops are frequent and in every drop you'll find at least two to three things that you will love , The collection can cater to even the nichest to niche audience with something for everyone .

Aparna started thrifting way back when she was a student at NIFT and her growing passion for it lead her to open the store . And the cherry on top is that along with THE FINE FINDS she runs another store THE FINE FLIP where she teaches you how you can up-cycle your stuff at home , don't have the time to do it on your own ? you can send one of your beloved clothing over at THE FINE FLIP and she will give it a makeover for you . her skills are impeccable and she often creates her own pieces that she later auctions at THE FINE FLIP .

Follow both the stores on instagram from here :



And the mom of the stores on instagram here :


(Trust me she is pretty cool )

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