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A Pretty Mess

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Recently i had a chance to share my thoughts about my work with an art collaborative called Razaaiarts . It was truly an honour to be featured on a platform that works to uplift the minorities through art . Representing my community , i felt very nervous . How can i communicate without offending someone yet telling my side of story , Gladly i was interviewed by a close friend which made the conversation much more honest and easy .

Art has always driven me in a way , a way that helps me heal and if my art can help someone else heal i would consider my purpose fulfilled . whenever people asked me why i decided to become an artist even after knowing the struggles of the life of an artist .My answer always the same : i d'ont know how to do anything else in my life . creating has always been the only thing i'm good at and it makes me content . even if i do not like piece i made it still brings me the satisfaction that the time and effort spent on this work created something . and truly feel artists are the embodiment of the almighty , who else can create something amazing from scratch . the only thing is we are a little eccentric in our approach .

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